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How long does it take to receive my order??

We are a Canadian based company and all of our products ship directly from Canadian warehouses and will arrive lightning fast with tracking number and insurance. Please see our shipping policy page for more details.

We are NOT a drop shipping company from China or USA.


What's the return policy?

Easy Returns! If you dislike or are not happy with our product, simply ship it back to us (Local Warehouses in Canada). We have a 30 day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. Just contact us first to start an RMA process and we'll take care of you. We stand by our policies 100%


Why is your selection so small?

We are just small family company and we decided a long time ago that we would keep our focuses on small boutique lines of bedding that historically our customers are happy with. We've tried to expand to other fabrics but the responses were less than satisfactory. So rather than try to produce everything for everyone. We chose Bamboo bedding and stuck with it! 

Does bamboo material shrink?

All our products have been pre-shrunk. There is nothing worse than guessing how much your product will shrink after purchasing it. 


How durable are bamboo fabrics compared to cotton?

Bamboo sheets have the added benefit of being more durable. This makes them last longer than sheets that cost more. 


The higher the thread counts, the better?

The higher the thread counts, the denser the fabrics and the softer they feel; however, it will be less breathable. Our bamboo materials are 700 to 1100 thread counts, making them breathable and are as soft as high thread counts cottons. Our fabrics come in a range of mixtures and styles. Prices range based on thickness and weight. 


Does bamboo material needs special care?

There is no special care for bamboo materials. Machine wash in cool/warm is recommended. Line drying if available, but if only a dryer is available, try to use a delicate setting and take them out immediately and fold. Our blended bamboo sheets come out nice and wrinkle free.


Why do bamboo sheets cost more than cotton?

You can get inexpensive cotton sheets; but when you weigh the differences in durability and comfort, bamboo will come out on top. Also, the money you save in maintaining the bamboo sheets will pay for itself in the long run.

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The coupon countdown timer you see is real

We need to be fair to our advertisers, so what we did was we gave them all short promotional windows that expire. This makes our social deals special and hard to find

If your countdown timer has expired and you lost your promo code please email us and let us know what happened, when you clicked the link and from what social media site. We can try to help you get it back :) 

Secured and Easy Payment

Your payments are always ultra-safe because we use the current most efficient coded payment technology through SHOPIFY (Public Traded Company in 2015)

We assure the same security and protection level of your bank details, for example if you decide to memorize your name and address to make your purchase easier on our website.

Absolute Privacy

We respect the confidentiality of your personal data and we treat them in full respect of the Data Protection Act. Your information is used exclusively by our internal services and will under no circumstances be transferred or sold to third parties without your prior consent.